Botworld Adventure Tier List July

While the Bots themselves are quite important in a fight, at least 50% of the contribution comes from you. Your skill when using your Botpack abilities is one of the keys to victory in battle. However, if pulled off properly, this can make for a high-risk, high-reward scenario. Supports are ideally deployed depending on the skills of the Support Bot. For example, if the enemy has more than one Evader, deploy a Support like Tether to help pin one Evader down. The Tether should be accompanied by an allied Bot with high DPS like Slash or Chomp. Thirdly, a battle is settled when all Bots on an opposing team have been defeated. Tanks are the tough and lumbering Bots that take a while to put down. As they are heavily armored, some tanks come with sheer amounts of defense while others have an interesting crowd-control style skillset.

botworld best bots

Also, Botworld Adventure is now available on Google Playand the App Storeas well. Each bot can be levelled up to AI Level 5; the XP gained is wasted once it reaches that level. So, it is recommended you take bots that are not levelled up yet to increase their AI level. To increase your probability of winning in fights, you can use a higher level bot along with a lower level bot. Exploring is one of the most critical aspects of the game. Just roam around the map, take fights, and collect the loot around you. Avoid fighting multiple enemies at once and keep an eye out for the repair canister energy levels. If a bot is approaching you and you are not looking to fight, zig-zag around him and run away. When you start at first, you will be given a choice to choose from a number of different characters; Cat, Dog, Lizard or a Buffalo.

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But the demand for limited-edition sneakers is very high that you will need a little help to get started. Bots can be upgraded with material from scrap pile or fighting enemies such as bandits and wild bots. Each material has rarity from Common to the latest specific Epic material botworld best bots for each bots needed to upgrade at 20 up. Bots will get first frame reinforced at 10 and second frame reinforced at 20. In our Botworld Adventure guide, we highly recommend that you capture all possible bots by defeating wild bots and accumulating a collection of them.

botworld best bots

Botworld is a vast, gorgeous, and diverse world that you may explore while you go out collecting rare scrap and discovering new bots. You will enter new landscapes, meet new characters, gather unique artifacts, and unravel Botworld’s many secrets. You are free to explore the numerous lush woods and dry deserts. However, make sure you have a strong squad of bots with you since you never know what is around the corner. Brute is a melee bot in the Botworld Adventure tier list, and he comes with the greatest damage, which can decrease the HP value of his enemies. And note that it takes only a little time with a few shots.

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They attack in swarms and, once you encounter them, their positions are already set on the field. For example, some of them have huddled together while others are spread out evenly across the battlefield. How you approach these mechanical monsters is up to you. Evaders are great counters to Tanks, Chasers, and Brawlers that don’t have the ability to draw their enemies close . Keeping the melee Bots away from their ranged teammates is a good way to get the upper hand. There is plenty of room for exploration in a vast, sprawling world with different kinds of enemies seeking their next opponent . But like many creature collector RPGs, many players often struggle in finding the best ways to overcome their opponents both big and small. Featherweight’s release into the creature collector RPG genre is the aptly-titled Botworld Adventure. The game plays quite differently from most collector RPGs.

  • Once you found it, type Botworld Adventure in the search bar and press Search.
  • The awesomeness of those upgrades will open up a lot of new potential for bots, even improving the player’s combat performance significantly and creatively.
  • Sneaker bots, as all software programs are designed to make your life easier.
  • Being in a lower tier indicates that there are better options, or that the character requires a highly particular build or squad to thrive.

It can also be played as an initiator as its skills allow it to drag the enemy bots away from your team. When playing an RPG, you often need the best characters to win every match. But that might seem difficult if there are a lot of characters with different stats and abilities, which may be confusing. That’s why we have created aBotworld Adventure tier list to help you pick the best characters. Overall not a bad game by any means, but it is going to take a while before I consider it a particularly good game.

The best way to find Scrap AND bandits and wild Bots to beat up is to go exploring the world before you. For example, the first two gadgets you may equip are either something that makes your Bots perform better or something that makes your Botpack Abilities quicker. Both are quite useful but it all boils down to the player’s preference. Without Scrap, your Bots will not grow and they will often die out in battle. Scrap is used in a variety of things, but we’ll talk about that later. Secondly, both Botmasters may assist their Bots by using the weapons in their Botpacks to attack the opposing Bots. Any Bots belonging to each Botmaster may also be strengthened or buffed mid-fight. An anthropomorphic cat, dog, buffalo, or lizard with a Botpack; a powerful tool that helps you communicate or control your Bots.

You will discover build and collect rare and powerful bots to create the ultimate team. Search the world to discover new bot recipes and collect the rare scrap to build and upgrade your favourites. Customise their powers and abilities as the level up and get stronger. Botworld is a huge, beautiful and varied world which you can explore as you venture out to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. Enter new environments, meet a variety of characters, collect rare treasures and uncover the many secrets hidden in Botworld. You can explore freely the many lush forests and arid deserts but make sure you have a strong team of bots because you never know what’s around the corner. Search the world to discover new bot recipes and collect rare scrap to build and upgrade your favourites.

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10+ is really expensive, though it makes more sense to range 6-10 instead of 5-9. Gather the most devastating Melee-range bots Brute, Scatter, Flamer, that are usually held back by their lack of mobility. Add Team Translocator, and watch Integrations them melt down the opposition. Go full Energy Resistance boosters with bots that can also get Energy Resistance from their AI tree. Many of the D tier I haven’t actually tried much or even at allbecause they just don’t click with me.